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Patient Powered

CannaBest Medical provides patients utilizing cannabinoid therapy a new way to safely and effectively change their dosage until they experience the greatest therapeutic benefit. The CannaBest Medical App accomplishes this by giving users access to our specialized dosing guideline. This guideline provides information on what strain, vehicle, dose, and frequency yields the best medical result for whatever symptoms a user is treating. Because illness effects people differently, the CannaBest Medical App not only tells users what has worked best for treating a particular condition but also provides the ability to modify the medication regimen. As a result, users are able to rapidly achieve the best therapeutic results for their individual needs.

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Data Driven

At CannaBest Medical, we realize that cannabinoid therapy can be overwhelming or difficult for patients: a lot of advice exists, but at the end of the day users must go through a trial-and-error process to determine the regimen that works best for them. CannaBest Medical analyzes the information users send us to create a general dose that is most likely to be appropriate for each symptom. We then provide a data-driven guideline so that patients can arrive at the specific dose that works for them. CannaBest Medical also understands that health information is private and personal, and as part of our commitment to respecting our users' privacy we do not ask for or collect personally identifiable information.

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Medical Expertise

The well-being of our users is our number one goal at CannaBest Medical. Having been founded by a physician, we continually strive to ensure our users are able to get the most from their medication while minimizing unwanted side effects. After user feedback is collected and analyzed, our medical officer personally reviews and approves of any changes to our guidelines before we send out any updates to our users.