CannaBest Medical is the developer of the world's first cannabinoid therapy dosing app. By combining our users' real-world feedback with our staff's medical expertise, we get rid of the guesswork, empowering patients to safely and rapidly achieve the best therapeutic outcomes.

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The CannaBest Medical team believes that only users can determine how effective their medication is at treating their symptoms. So when we set out to develop the best guidelines for helping patients get the most from their cannabinoid therapy, we looked directly to the experience of other patients to inform our patient system.     >>


The CannaBest Medical App takes the uncertainty out of cannabinoid dosing. Our staff analyzes user feedback to determine what strain, dose, and frequency demonstrate the best outcomes for individual needs. We then update our guidelines so that our users can easily find the medication regimen that works for them.    >>


For CannaBest Medical, the health of our users is our highest priority. That's why we were founded by a physician with decades of experience. That's why the feedback we collect is analyzed by staff with medical research experience. And that's why a physician not only developed  our guidelines but also approves all updates before we send them out to our users.   >>