Study: Cannabis Dispensaries Not Properly Training Workers

Photo Credit: WikiMedia/Ganja Cult/Nickolette (

Photo Credit: WikiMedia/Ganja Cult/Nickolette (

A new study has found cannabis dispensary employees are not properly trained, and that their medicinal marijuana advice is faulty. Of the 55 dispensary employees who were surveyed in Colorado, California, Arizona, Oregon, DC, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine, only 55% received formal training from their jobs, and only 20% were trained on the health benefits of cannabis. Researchers also found their recommendations were wrong or inappropriate when it comes to treating specific medical conditions. For example, 13% of workers recommended high-THC strains for treating anxiety, and 7% recommended THC instead of CBD for treating epilepsy. 

This is one of the reasons our CannaBest Medical app is so helpful. With all of the misinformation floating around the dispensaries, it can be difficult to know whether or not you are purchasing the right medication. With our tool, the power to understand your medical marijuana dose is in your hands. If you don't know where to begin, you can refer to our symptom-specific guidelines, which are compiled based on aggregates of our anonymous users' effective journal submissions. These guidelines are personally approved by our Chief Medical Officer before published. If you already have an idea of where to begin, you can monitor your dosing regimen by journaling daily so that you can see the efficacy of your dosing routine and tailor it to better meet your needs. Having this understanding of your dosing regimen when you visit a dispensary will help you make a more informed decisions without having to rely on the recommendations of others.

This information has been partially provided by Marijuana Business Daily and approved by our Chief Medical Officer. 

How to Find out If Medical Marijuana Is Right for You

Photo Credit: the Medicinal Marijuana Association

Photo Credit: the Medicinal Marijuana Association

Making the decision to begin medical marijuana therapy is a big step, and it can be an intimidating one. Patients who consider medical marijuana use are considering an alternative treatment option that, while it is gaining in popularity among some physicians, is still not widely accepted nationwide in all medical communities. Many patients prefer mmj because it's natural, relatively non-addictive, and the side effects are mild and non-lethal, but it's not for everyone. First, consider the condition you are treating. Medical marijuana can successfully relieve a wide variety of symptoms, but not all symptoms. Many patients suffering from cancer and AIDS have been able to alleviate their nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. Other patients suffering from glaucoma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain, have also experienced significant symptom relief.

If you decide your symptoms could benefit from medical marijuana, you should then consult your physician who can assess your situation and determine whether or not you're a good candidate for the medication. There are certain risks that outweigh the benefits of medical marijuana therapy, so listen to your physician if you are refused for valid reasons. If you are approved for medical marijuana use, our app can be extremely useful in future doctor consultations through the "export journal" function on your profile page. There, you can directly export your daily dosing regimen so your doctor can see exactly how you've been medicating and better understand your routine so he or she can appropriately answer the questions or concerns you may have.

Lastly, once certified for use, you need to choose the right cannabinoid composition to achieve the best relief. Not all strains treat all symptoms and illnesses. Trial and error may be necessary, but with our app at hand, you can keep track of the CBD and THC percentages that best relieve your symptoms by journaling on a daily basis. You can also look to our dosing guidelines for recommendations on a good starting point for your dose. Read more about the steps towards deciding whether or not mmj might be for you on the Medicinal Marijuana Association. This information has been approved by our Chief Medical Officer. 

CannaBest Medical Official Updates!

We have great news! Our beta testing is officially complete, and our Chief Medical Officer has sent out updated information for 13 of our conditions! Thank you for your journaling and feedback. Continue documenting your dosing regimens and contributing anonymously to our database; your contribution helps create a better understanding of medical marijuana. Check out the updates today!

CannaBest on MJInvestor News!

MJInvestor News

MJInvestor News

We were featured in an MJINews Piece! Upon returning from the My Compassion Cannabis Conference 2015 at the Navy Pier in Chicago, we've talked quite a bit about the wonderful experience we had. Now you can share in that experience as well! This Marijuana Investor News article covers the highlights of the conference, and CannaBest was one of them!

CannaBest Medical on the Full Melt Show

We've just returned from the My Compassion Cannabis Conference 2015 at the Navy Pier in Chicago. We had such an amazing experience, and during our time there we were fortunate enough to have Steve Greene interview us live on-air on the Full Melt Show! In our interview, we talk about the current state of the medical marijuana industry and how we hope to legitimize the industry through our app. We also discuss how our app functions and how it can be useful for patients and physicians alike.

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Oregon medical marijuana patient says edibles more effective than smoking for pain relief

Figuring out the best method for targeting specific symptoms with medical cannabis can be extremely difficult. This is especially hard for patients who are just starting out and have never experimented with the medication before. Choosing a method really depends on an individual's personal preference, but when you don't know where to begin it can be helpful to look to more experienced users for guidance. At CannaBest medical, we find this information very helpful, which is why our tool displays consolidated data in the form of simple graphs that show our users the most popular methods for treating specific conditions. For more detailed information about why people prefer specific treatment options, it can be helpful to look at anecdotal references. Here is an article with an in depth look at a patient in Oregon who believes using medical marijuana edibles is the most effective method for treating the pain associated with her severe Arthritis:

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