Marijuana for Autism

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Autism is a developmental disability that may benefit from medical marijuana use. Although research surrounding medical cannabis for autism is lacking, interest is growing within the medical community, anecdotal evidence, and preclinical trials suggest medical marijuana may be able to help.

One 2017 study found the endocannabinoid system plays an important role in regulating neuroinflammation, something that would have a large impact on autism spectrum disorder. Researchers explain, “We postulate that modulation of the ES in ASD could prove a valuable tool to prevent or delay the progression of disease.” Because marijuana has the ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system and bind with its receptors, it could be a way to target the system and help those with autism. Another study found, specifically, that the CB2 receptor could be a potential target for pharmacological care for autism. Another study from Stanford University found altering the endocannabinoid system could contribute to autism pathophysiology. That said, these studies have been conducted on animal models, and so there should be caution before implementing medical marijuana as part of your treatment regimen until there ave been trials translating these effects to human models.

To try medical marijuana for autism, the dosing method is extremely important. Too large of a dose can exacerbate symptoms, while too little may not provide relief. Parents who have anecdotally attested to marijuana’s powers in autism treatment often start with high-CBD low-THC strains, and then titrate from there. Cannabis may also produce negative side effects in those with sub-diagnoses of autism that involve streptococcal infections and/or gastrointestinal and bacterial gut issues. Our journaling tool can make finding the right dose easy! With our app, you can enter the information of your dose, including the ratio of cannabinoids, the amount, how often you take it and the methods of intake, and then keep track of the results, so that you can monitor which combinations provide the best relief! Journaling daily is the most accurate way of keeping track of your regimen.

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