How Does Cannabis Affect Your Memory? Part 2

Photo Credit: Medical Marijuana Inc.

Photo Credit: Medical Marijuana Inc.

In our previous post about the relationship between cannabis and memory, we looked at the influence cannabis may have on short-term and long-term memory. Today, we will look at whether or not cannabis can provide any benefits for memory or help patients suffering from disorders that affect memory.

Some studies suggest CBD may not only buffer against THC’s memory impairment, but it may also have the ability to reverse or prevent some cognitive impairments. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reported CBD reduced alcohol-induced cell death in the brain by 6%, suggesting CBD could help protect the brain from brain damage caused by binge drinking or alcohol abuse. CBD also provide neuroprotective properties that prevent or delay the onset of Parkinson’s dementia, or Alzheimer’s.

For some, the memory impairment caused by THC may not be such a bad thing. For patients suffering from PTSD, cannabis may be able to interfere with the recollection of negative memories associated with traumatic events. Preclinical research has found cannabis containing THC and CBD can “disrupt the reconsolidation of negative memories,” allowing them to forget painful and intrusive memories.

This post concludes our two-part series on marijuana and memory. The information has been provided by Leafly and approved by our Chief Medical Officer.