Researchers Find That Cannabis Use Can Help Curb Crack & Cocaine Addiction

Researchers in Canada have found marijuana may be able to help those suffering from crack cocaine disorders ween off of their addiction. Between the years 2012 and 2015, 122 participants said marijuana helped lower their use of crack. While the study mainly focused on crack users, the pharmacological similarity between crack and cocaine allows researchers to speculate about the effectiveness of cannabis for cocaine users as well. This report supports similar findings from a Brazilian study from 2015, in which marijuana seemed to reduce addictive behavior and aggressiveness, as well as promote relaxation, in those addicted to crack and cocaine. Even studies involving rodent models found mice who were addicted to cocaine and who were taught to self-administer it reduced their use significantly after the administration of a synthetic cannabinoid compound. Still, while this information is hopeful, researchers believe further clinical research is left to be desired before they can make any solid conclusions. 

This information has been provided by Merry Jane and approved by our Chief Medical Officer.