10 Little-Known Uses for CBD - Pt. 2w

Photo Credit: High Times Magazine

Photo Credit: High Times Magazine

Today, we will continue our discussion of the lesser-known uses of CBD. 

Evidence is continuing to mount about the medicinal benefits of CBD for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). CBD's anti-anxiety, antipsychotic, and anti-inflammatory effects can produce a calming effect, which helps provide a stable mental environment for those who suffer from PTSD and allows them to overcome anxiety and stress. A German study from 2012 and published in the journal Translational Psychiatry compared the antipsychotic Amisulpride and CBD in 45 patients who suffered from schizophrenia, and found that while both treatments were effective, the fewer side effects of CBD made it preferable to the pharmaceutical medication. 

CBD could also benefit bowel diseases, and research shows cannabis' anti-inflammatory properties, along with CBD and THC's ability to control gut function in the body, offers relief for Crohn's disease patients. Using animal models and cell cultures, scientists from the Cajal Institute found CBD reversed inflammatory responses and provided protection from multiple sclerosis (MS). Within 10 days of beginning CBD treatment, mice had superior motor skills and showed improvements in their condition. Lastly, CBD provides a non-habit forming sleep aide that can help those who suffer from insomnia.

This concludes our post about CBD's little-known uses. This information has been provided by High Times Magazine and approved by our Chief medical officer.