Marijuana for Palliative Care: Interview with Hospice Doctor

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Photo Credit: Max Pixel (

As medical marijuana gains momentum across the nation, many physicians have begun considering the use of the medication for patients suffering chronic and terminal illnesses. One New York City doctor and Chief Medical Officer of MJHS Hospice, Bernard Lee, discusses the benefits of using medical marijuana for pain and symptom management in palliative care regimens. In the interview with Health MJ, Dr. Lee says he has recommended medical marijuana for cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, spinal cord injury, and neuropathy,. Lee says he has seen marijuana effectively reduce pain, nausea, seizures, and spasticity associated with the conditions while increasing morale and quality of sleep. 

When it comes to dosing medical marijuana, Dr. Lee typically starts patients on low doses of THC to see how it reacts with a patient for a short period of time before altering his recommendations. He relies on current best practices, research and experience, but claims that this sort of information is scarce. Dr. Lee says patient feedback is extremely important, and the results he tracks or the anecdotal evidence patients provide help him make informed recommendations.

It is for this reason that the CannaBest Medical app is extremely important in developing strong recommendations and guidelines for doctors. Through journaling, patients are providing anonymous data surrounding precise medical marijuana dosing regimens for the treatment of specific symptoms. We then create and aggregate of this information that can provide physicians and patients an optimal starting point when beginning their medical marijuana therapy. Additionally, a patients can privately learn about their own dosing regimen and share this information with their doctors to increase the doctor-patient relationship, both of which help patients reach their perfect medical marijuana dose. 

You can read more of the interview with Bernard Lee on Health MJ's website. This information has been approved by our Chief Medical Officer.