Understanding Cannabidiol (CBD) - Part 3

Photo Credit: Medical Marijuana Inc. 

Photo Credit: Medical Marijuana Inc. 

Today we will continue our discussion of the therapeutic effects of CBD on a multitude of specific conditions.

CBD relieves cardiovascular diseases by reducing myocardial dysfunction, cardiac fibrosis, oxidative-nitrative stress, inflammation, cell death, and interrelated signaling pathways. It also reduces infarct size and myocardial inflammation when administered directly after a heart attack, making it a potential treatment for myocardial ischemia. CBD may fight the progression of cirrhosis by aiding hepatic stellate cell (HSC) death, thereby proliferating and producing excess collagen which allows for the accumulation of scarring on the liver. It also restored liver function in mice with liver failure and it provided protection against ischemia reperfusion, the pivotal mechanism of tissue damage in cirrhosis. Patients who suffer from depression can benefit from CBD's antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties.

CBD's anti-inflammatory properties and ability to control the pro-inflammatory response in the digestive tract make it a potential treatment option for crohn's diseases and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Those who suffer from diabetes benefit from CBD's ability to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines in the blood stream. CBD treatments provide significant protection from diabetic retinopathy. CBD is probably most well known for its effects on epilepsy and seizure disorders because it reduces or eliminates seizures, even in severe pediatric variations like Dravet syndrome, Doose, syndrome, and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. The cannabinoid also improves sleep, alertness, and mood in epileptic children. CBD's analgesic properties allow it to lower pain levels in a variety of conditions, including headaches and migraines, spasticity, sickle cell anemia, and other acute pain and chronic pain conditions.

This concludes part 3 of our CBD series, and we will continue the in depth discussion of conditions that can benefit from its use in the next post. This information has been provided by Medical Marijuana Inc. and approved by our Chief Medical Officer.