Terpenes Found in Cannabis (Part 2)

Photo Credit: Leaf Science

Photo Credit: Leaf Science

Many are quick to give cannabis' cannabinoids the credit for providing therapeutic relief. What some don't know is that cannabis' terpenes are also partly responsible for the plant's medicinal value. In part one of this series, you learned about the first five important terpenes off of High Times Magazine's list of ten. Now, lets learn about the rest of the terpenes you might find in your cannabis strain.

6) The terpene Delta-3-carene dries excess fluids like tears, running noses, and heavy menstrual flows. Because of this ability, the terpene also produces some negative side effects, like red eyes or cottonmouth. 

7) Eucalypto is also found in rosemary and eucalyptus and smells like a mix of spicy and minty. The terpene is able to increase circulation and relieve pain.

8) Beta-Caryophyllene smells sweet, woody, spicy, and peppery, and it not only relieves pain, but also reduces inflammation.

9) Humulene is a sesquiterpene that provides the infamous link between cannabis and hops which are used to create beer. According to the Leaf Online, humulene contains analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, and anorectic properties.

10) Terpineol is a major constituent of the essential oils found in plants. After being exposed to a certain amount of the terpene, one may experience sedative or couch-lock effects.

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