‘Cannavaping’; administering medical cannabis with e-cigarettes

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/   the-best-electronic-cigarette-review.com/

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ the-best-electronic-cigarette-review.com/

Researchers from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland now say the widely available electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) can be used to safely and effectively deliver cannabinoid relief. The scientists created cannabis-infused oils for use in e-cigarettes and found this administration was able to deliver effective levels of cannabis' active ingredients, and this method allows users to administer microdoses of their medicine as needed throughout the day. Researchers claim "therapeutic cannavaping" is healthier than smoking the medical cannabis along with tobacco. They add the vehicle can provide relief without the psychoactive effects, saying "the aim is not to get high, the aim is to get cured... Cannavaping appears to be a gentle, efficient, user-friendly and safe alternative method for cannabis smoking for medical cannabis deliver." 

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