MMJ for Neurological Disorders - Part 2

Photo Credit: Medical Marijuana Inc.

Photo Credit: Medical Marijuana Inc.

In our previous post, we covered medical marijuana for neurological disorders and began our discussion of cannabis in relation to specific disorders. Today we will continue that discussion.

Studies have shown the cannabinoids in cannabis slow the neurodegenerative process of multiple sclerosis (MS) by helping the body regulate its immune system, managing its inflammatory response and encouraging the regeneration of neurons. Additionally, cannabinoids reduce inflammatory damage to the myelin, which provided neuroprotection. In an animal study, cannabinoids reduced neurological disability, improved motor coordination, and limited the progression of MS. Another neurological disorder, Parkinson's disease, has witnessed cannabinoids suppress excitotoxicity, glial activation, and oxidative injury damaging the neurons. Cannabinoids improve mitochondrial function and clear away cellular debris, which supports neuronal health.

A group of degenerative brain disorders referred to as prion diseases have found CBD can protect neurons agains prion toxicity. When cannabis is administered immediately following a traumatic event, they can actually reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines and delay atrophy and degeneration of neurons, which in turn limits the neurological damage that results from spinal cord injury. Immediate administration of cannabinoids can also help with the recovery of locomotor function. For those who suffer a stroke, CBD can protect neurons and astrocytes from damage, which facilitates functional, histological, biochemical, and neurobehavioral recovery. Studies show cannabis suppresses tics and improves behavioral problems from Tourette syndrome. Lastly, cannabis has anti-tumor properties that can prevent tumor formation in the brain and spinal cord.

This concludes our post on neurological disorders. This information has been brought to you by Medical Marijuana Inc. and approved by our Chief Medical officer.