What Doctors Need to Know about Medical Marijuana

As states legalize medical marijuana, doctors are faced with certifying patients and prescribing a treatment option that they have not offered before. Medical marijuana was not discussed in depth in medical school, and some physicians are hesitant to jump on board with this scarcely researched therapy. Before prescribing medical marijuana, doctors should discuss with their patients what side effects may result from medical marijuana use. There are very few adverse negative side effects of medical cannabis, but a patient could likely feel anxiety, panic, sensory distortion, lightheadedness, coughing, poor coordination, lower reaction time, and increased heartbeat. Doctors also need to understand and discuss every method of ingestion available to the patients. Medical marijuana has opened up a whole new world of medication vehicles, and physicians need to be able to recommend a method that won't exacerbate a patient's symptoms and will offer the most effective relief. Lastly, medical marijuana may not be the appropriate medication for everyone; patients should be screened for risk factors before determining their eligibility for mmj therapy.

The CannaBest Medical app is an important research tool that can help provide doctors with the necessary information for offering medical marijuana recommendations to interested patients. By documenting your dosing regimen in our research tool, we are able to provide anonymous data to doctors and create an aggregate of the pertinent information regarding specific therapeutic regimens. In addition, as a patient, you have the power of exporting your dosing regimen directly to your physician so that you can inform your doctor about your unique routine so he or she can better answer the specific questions you may have. 

We would like to thank you for using our app, and we hope you will continue journaling on a daily basis so that we can contribute to a world of knowledge surrounding medical marijuana and its therapeutic benefits! This information has been provided partly by the Medicinal Marijuana Association and approved by our Chief Medical Officer.