Vaporizers 101

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Vaporizers are gaining popularity as a method for medicating with marijuana because it is viewed as a healthier alternative to smoking. With vaporization, the cannabis is heated at a lower temperature rather than burned, so it does not produce harmful by-products or side effects.

While we don't normally post content from specific stores due to the fact we think the material may be a bit biased and solely promotional, we think Vapornation does an excellent job of educating the consumer about different aspects of vaporizer and how it functions. The site informs consumers about vaporizers and how they function, different styles of vaporizers, materials that can be vaped, the benefits of using grinders, and the general pricing for different vaporizer models. The site also discusses different heating methods and times, and optimal temperatures both for vaporizing in general and for different popular units. Discover all you need to know about the vaporizer here.