A Nevada Family Sees the Positive Impacts of Medical Marijuana on Their Child

Photo Credit: Whaxy

Photo Credit: Whaxy

Marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug, meaning it has no medicinal properties, but this classification is misleading. Unfortunately, because of this classification, there is relatively little clinical research in the U.S. due to limited access to the plant. What research does exist points to significant therapeutic value in a wide array of ailments, and we have countless testimonies from people who use cannabis to treat their symptoms and conditions that back up these claims. One such testimony exists from a family in Nevada who chose to use medical marijuana to treat their 14 year old son's autism and epilepsy. 

The pharmaceutical medications available to young Tyler Richard were ineffective in controlling the symptoms of his condition. Because of his epilepsy and autism, Tyler was unable to sleep and suffered seizures of varying strengths that sometimes caused facial paralysis. The University of California, San Francisco, recommended medical marijuana as a part of Tyler's treatment regimen, so Tyler's mom, Toni Richard, started using cannabis oil to treat her son's conditions. She immediately saw improvement in Tyler's symptoms, who was able to sleep soundly through the night and improve mentally in school.

Medical marijuana seemed to be the appropriate choice for treating Tyler's conditions, but Whaxy tells us starting Tyler's therapy wasn't an easy process for Toni. "The issue Toni has had throughout the process hasn't been with cannabis directly, but in the manner that she is forced to learn, all on her own, about the best ways to treat her son. Whether it is the appropriate dosage, where to purchase it, or what strain to buy, she has been on her own."

It's stories like these that inspired us at CannaBest Medical to create our app. We saw a vast need for information surrounding the medication for those that don't know where to begin, and we are hoping the data we collect will make the process easier for those like Tyler who want to try medical marijuana to treat their symptoms but know nothing about it. 

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