Top 5 Reasons Dosage Control is a Game Changer for the Cannabis Industry

Photo Credit: MJInvestor News

Photo Credit: MJInvestor News

One of the biggest problems in the medical marijuana industry is the stigma associated with marijuana as a stoner drug for getting high instead of a path towards relieving symptoms and ailments. It's not surprising that this stigma exists, as there is relatively little clinical research of marijuana's medicinal properties, and it isn't treated like other medicines. With other prescription medications, a doctor prescribes a treatment regimen that consists of a scheduled routine and specific measured doses. With medical marijuana, however, patients are handed a card that allows them to access the medication, but they then have to make their own decisions on their method of intake, their proper dose, the composition of their medication, and how often they should medicate.

That's why we at CannaBest Medical have developed an app to help people better understand their medication and track their dosing regimen. Documenting this information will help provide users guidance throughout their medical marijuana journey and will offer physicians the material needed to make useful recommendations for their patients. 

There are many reasons why understanding medical marijuana dosage and treating it like a real medication are of the utmost importance for developing this industry, and here are the top five according to Marijuana Investor News:

1. It eliminates unpredictability when it comes to providing consistent results throughout the therapy. 2. It creates a more sellable products. Doctors can assure their patients that they are taking a real medication that will generally provide the desired therapeutic effect. 3. It improves the user experience. 4. It widens the product's appeal for patients who probably would have never considered marijuana as a medication before. Lastly, 5. It helps legitimize the medical marijuana industry which would be able to mimic the infrastructure and approach of the pharmaceutical industry.

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