Cannabidiol and Bone Fracture Healing: Promising Data Published on Medical Marijuana

Photo: Marijuana Investor News

Photo: Marijuana Investor News

Evidence continues to mount in support of cannabidiol (CBD) in the treatment of bone fracture healing thanks to 18 scientists from Israel and Sweden. Research has shown CBD can "enhance fracture healing and stimulate Lysyl Hydroxylase (a highly abundant enzyme involved in bone healing) activity in osteoblasts (bone building cells)." Research has been performed on the cannabinoid's effect on bone healing, but never with such a large group of scientists. Marijuana Investor News discusses this new study further. 

The study consisted of three experiments; one that injected THC or CBD into rats with fractured femurs, one that analyzed the effects of an equal part CBD/THC mixture on a fracture callus, and one that looked at the effects of THC and CBD on the expression of osteoblast enzyme lysyl hydroxylase that catalyzes collagen crosslinking.

The first experiment concluded "stimulation of endocannabinoid receptors of bone cells with cannabis ligands improved the rate of bone healing... [and] CBD significantly enhanced the mechanical properties and strength of bone after eight weeks." The second experiment found THC increased the maximal force and stiffness of bone a little more than CBD. Lastly, the third experiment discovered CBD increased mRNA levels of the lysyl hydroxylase gene. "This data is probably the most significant finding in cannabis research to date because it gave scientists insight into the genetic impact of cannabis on the body. Everything starts with genetics and this concrete data gives us a deeper insight into how cannabis influences the body's physiology." 

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