Limonene: Anti-cancer Terpene

Photo: Whaxy

Photo: Whaxy

Cannabis is a complex plant that offers therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions. Many attribute this therapeutic value to the cannabinoid, but marijuana is full of more than just medicinal cannabinoids; terpenes also play a major role in treating different symptoms. Whaxy does an excellent job featuring different cannabinoids and terpenes to educate people about the different components of medical marijuana, and this discussion will evaluate the terpene limonene. 

As can probably be guessed from the name, limonene must have some connection to citrus. Limonene can be found in other citrus plant rinds, and the terpene creates the familiar smell associated with oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes or grapefruits. Therapeutically, limonene is known to aid in digestion, alleviate depression and anxiety, fight acid reflux, dissolve gallstones, and contribute to anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. Because limonene is an anti-proliferative, it is a valuable terpene in fighting cancer. Limonene can also improve one's mood. 

There have not been many studies conducted on limonene, but the terpene itself is not schedule 1 like the cannabinoids CBD and THC, so it is easier and legal to obtain. The clinical research about limonene focuses on the terpene's anti-cancer properties, and one study at the University of Arizona Cancer Center found it "was effective in preventing cancer cell proliferation and reducing tumor size." Other studies support these findings.

For more information on limonene, strains that contain the terpene, and the studies surrounding it, read this feature written by Whaxy: