It's Official: Marijuana Is Medicine

A series of papers were recently released in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) confirming Marijuana's therapeutic benefits. In the papers, researchers reviewed clinical studies and concluded the "use of marijuana for chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and spasticity due to multiple sclerosis is supported by high-quality evidence." Despite these conclusions, news outlets spun the research and results negatively, saying the evidence supporting the use of medical marijuana was of low quality. 

In reality, it's not the evidence itself that is of low quality. It's that the federal ban on marijuana and the blockade of its research makes marijuana a very difficult substance to research. Cannabis has not been researched in extensive studies, the dosing within studies have been inconsistent, and sometimes, marijuana isn't even researched, but rather a synthetic substitute with similar properties. "As a result, the inconclusiveness of some of the research is more a reflection of the federal ban than of the medical effectiveness of pot." As culture continues to push for legalization, and research of it's medical value improves, we think politicians and skeptical physicians will catch up in the medical marijuana movement.