Study Supports Efficacy of Inhaled Cannabis in Reducing Neuropathic Pain Caused by Diabetes

In July of 2015, the Journal of Pain published the results of a study that suggests inhaling aerosolized cannabis can reduce the neuropathic pain caused by diabetes. In 16 patients, higher doses of THC appeared to significantly reduce pain. That being said, the high doses of THC were not without their side effects: patients did not perform as well on psychological tests. 

This study was small, and THC decreased the patients' cognitive performance slightly, but the findings are significant because they show that cannabis can be effective in decreasing the debilitating neuropathic pain that can severely impact a person's life. The researchers of the study say, "This adds preliminary evidence to support further research on the efficacy of the cannabinoids in neuropathic pain." For more information on cannabis and neuropathic pain, follow this link to Medical Jane: