Post Operative Pain and Medical Marijuana

For most surgeries, a patient will experience pain following the operation. This pain can be temporary, only lasting during the healing period, but in some cases the pain can become chronic for unknown reasons. Marijuana is known for its pain relieving properties in treating conditions, so can it relieve the acute or chronic pain following surgery?

In a 2006 study conducted at Imperial College London, 65 patients who had recently had surgery were treated with an extract of cannabis called Cannador. Of the patients that received the lowest doses of Cannador, everyone required an additional pain reliever, but only 25% of the patients who received the highest doses of Cannador required additional pain relievers. In a 2007 study at London's University College Analgesia Centre, researchers reported the cannabinoid like molecule cannabinor significantly decreased a patients' overall post-operative pain, but the different doses of cannabinor did not have different impacts on the level of pain relief.

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