Contaminated & Mislabeled: How Testing Could Save the Cannabis Industry

The marijuana industry is constantly evolving and changing, but as with the birth of any new industry, gaps in policy and regulatory standards pop up that create setbacks within the industry. Businesses jump at the opportunity to fill the void, but one thing remains missing: adequate lab testing standards. Without these testing standards, the marijuana available to patients and recreational users alike suffer from the unknown. Inaccurate testing results in not knowing what contaminants are present in the product, like high percentages of legal and illegal pesticides. In addition, without testing it's impossible to know how much THC and CBD are in the product, which can result in very different effects on a person's mind or a patient's illness.

For a patient who already suffers a debilitating condition and has a weak immune system, it's important not to unknowingly toy with dangerous chemicals. Medical marijuana can improve ones quality of life, but not when consuming the unintended composition of cannabinoids and suffering undesired side effects. For more information on just how bad our industry is suffering from the lack of standard lab testing practices and regulations, visit this link: