Study: Edibles Potency Claims in CA, WA Often Inaccurate

The marijuana industry is growing. Now, the next step for maturing medical marijuana programs should be the development of better regulations and a form of standardization, especially when it comes to testing medical marijuana products. A recent study of edible products on the West Coast found that testing marijuana still has a very long way to go. JAMA recently published the study, saying 17% of west coast edibles accurately identified their levels of THC. That means that of the 75 products tested, 83% mislabeled the amounts of THC they contained. The study said 60% had less THC than what was claimed on the packaging, and 23% had more.

When it comes to medical marijuana, accurate testing is a must! Patients need to know exactly what they are ingesting. Many patients have weaker immune systems due to the illnesses they are treating, so it is important to know the composition of their medical marijuana product. In addition, knowing the amounts of CBD and THC are extremely important when trying to figure out the proper dosing of a medication. Hopefully, studies like this will lead to the development of standard and accurate medical marijuana testing methods. We hope products will be labeled correctly in the future for the sake of the patients who ingest them.