How Cannabis Can Play a Role in the Athletic World

Right now we're in the middle of a very busy time when it comes to sports. The Black Hawks just won the Stanley Cup, the Golden State Warriors took home the NBA championship title, the women's World Cup is underway, baseball is in full swing, and the NFL recently finished drafting for the upcoming season last month. Athletes constantly run the risk of suffering injuries, some of which can be very serious, like concussions.

Some researchers say cannabis could be a viable treatment option for long term head trauma. This information isn't necessarily new; a letter from Harvard Professor Lester Grinspoon to the NFL regarding this information and the need for research funding was released in 2014. It seems relevant to discuss this information now, at a time when medical marijuana legalization is advancing in states across the nation coinciding with the current sporting events.

One article discusses marijuana as a neuroprotective agent, saying "Cannabinoids of all classes have the ability to protect neurons from a variety of insults that are believed to underlie delayed neuronal death after traumatic brain injury (TBI), including excitotoxicity, calcium influx, free radical formation and neuroinflammation."

Researchers believe marijuana to have these neuroprotective properties, making it an extremely useful method in treating and preventing brain injuries. With more funding for extensive research, we may see medical marijuana incorporated into the sporting world.

Read Professor Grinspoon's letter to the NFL 
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