The Potential for Cannabis to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

Cannabinoid therapy's potential to offer therapeutic benefits for specific illnesses is becoming to seem like common knowledge. What many people don't realize is that cannabis also has the potential to support an everyday healthy lifestyle.

One important factor of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to exercise in order to keep your body in tip-top physical condition. Contrary to the stereotypical belief that marijuana makes a person lazy and immobile, some research suggests that cannabis can actually enhance physical activity.

This post written by Takoma Wellness discusses how cannabis can help maintain this healthy lifestyle. Cannabis gives runners an extra boost, endocannabinoids ease pain, control appetite, and influence mood and memory, and marijuana supports metabolic function.

Read Takoma Wellness' summary here:

For a look at the specific studies, check these out: (Study, THC and Exercise) (Study, Marijuana and Glucose and Insulin. Metabolic function)