Oregon medical marijuana patient says edibles more effective than smoking for pain relief

Figuring out the best method for targeting specific symptoms with medical cannabis can be extremely difficult. This is especially hard for patients who are just starting out and have never experimented with the medication before. Choosing a method really depends on an individual's personal preference, but when you don't know where to begin it can be helpful to look to more experienced users for guidance. At CannaBest medical, we find this information very helpful, which is why our tool displays consolidated data in the form of simple graphs that show our users the most popular methods for treating specific conditions. For more detailed information about why people prefer specific treatment options, it can be helpful to look at anecdotal references. Here is an article with an in depth look at a patient in Oregon who believes using medical marijuana edibles is the most effective method for treating the pain associated with her severe Arthritis: http://bit.ly/1RtFFLe

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