German Scientists Have Confirmed an Amazing Link Between Cannabis and Cancer Suppression.

Researchers at the Institute of Toxicology and Pharmacology of Rostock University in Germany set out to discover if and how cannabis is able to kill cancer cells. The leading professor of the study, Professor Burkhard Hinz, had previously discovered that the active ingredients in cannabis slowed the migration of tumor cells into other tissues.

In this new study, researchers found THC and cannabidiol can actually destroy tumor cells by stimulating the formation of certain proteins that link to the immune system's defensive cells. "By acting on the surface of the cells attacked by cancer, the proteins link themselves to the immune system’s own defensive cells, making the cancerous cells burst. The active ingredients, thus, prevent cancerous cells from forming blood vessels which allow the cancer to take root and grow."

This research, "New Insights into Antimetastic and Antiangiogenic Effects of Cannabinoids," has been published and can be found in the January 2015 edition of the journal Biochemical Pharmacology.