The Role of Cannabis in Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders

Epilepsy is a clinical syndrome in which a person suffers repeated seizures over time that are unprovoked by an acute systemic or neurological insult. Current treatment options can range from a combination of pharmaceuticals, to monitoring diet, and even undergoing surgical intervention. As the medical benefits of mmj are explored, there is hope that medicine high in CBD may offer a new treatment option for those with epilepsy.

In preliminary animal studies, CBD was shown to have anitconvulsant effects in mice when seizures were induced. CBD has passed through the trials necessary to deem it safe and nearly side effect free, which allowed it to be researched in clinical trials in the form of the pharmaceutical Epidiolex, a 98% CBD compound drug. In 27 patients, 44% noticed a reduction in seizures.

Charlotte's Web, a medical marijuana strain very high in CBD, offers more promising results. Of 200 children treated at the Realm of Caring, 78% experienced a reduction in seizures, and 25% found it almost completely eliminated their seizures.

Because current treatment options are inconsistently effective and sometimes create undesirable side effects, we hope that high CBD strains and oils may be an effective therapeutic alternative for epileptic patients. (Medical Jane) (Medical Jane)