Study Finds Marijuana Use May Lead to Pre-Diabetes

Photo Credit: Marijuana Investor News

Photo Credit: Marijuana Investor News

Medical marijuana is being hailed as a miracle drug, but as with all medications, cannabis isn't perfect and reacts with everyone differently. Now, there is a study that suggests marijuana use may lead to pre-diabetes, meaning those who are genetically predisposed to the disorder or who live a lifestyle that may bring about diabetes should use cannabis with caution. That being said, while there exists a link between marijuana and pre-diabetes, there is no evidence of a link between marijuana use and the actual development of type-2 diabetes.

The study published in Diabetologia found heavy marijuana use increases a person's risk of developing pre-diabetes. Researchers looked at data from the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults study, a study that spanned three decades and included 3,000 black and white participants between 32-50 years of age who lived in various United States cities. Participants were surveyed over the phone, examined periodically, and asked to complete detailed questionnaires about their health and lifestyle. 

Marijuana Investor News discusses the study, saying, "Researchers found that individuals who reported current marijuana use faced a 65 percent increased risk of developing pre-diabetes. Those that used marijuana 100 times or more in their lifetime were found to have a 49 percent increased risked of pre-diabetes." Interestingly enough, however, researches did not find a link between marijuana use and the development of type-2 diabetes. In fact, certain surveys suggest a negative association between marijuana use and the development of type-2 diabetes. Additionally, marijuana users typically had a lower BMI than non-users, and higher BMIs are often associated with diabetes. 

Researchers think marijuana use and diabetes should be investigated further, saying "These results contrast with previous findings on marijuana use and metabolic health... future studies should aim to objectively measure the mode and quantity of marijuana use in relation to prospective metabolic health."

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