Pet-friendly Cannabis: Do Your Research

People are beginning to widely accept the healing properties of cannabis for treating a variety of conditions. The drug has been deemed a "miracle drug" by many, and because it is able to provide symptom relief for so many different conditions, people are beginning to wonder if the plant's power could potentially treat their furry friends that fall ill. A pet is an important part of someone's life, so when this loved one falls ill, people try to do whatever they can to provide relief or save their lives. Marijuana Investor News warns if you're considering cannabis for your pet, do you research first; what works for a human does not always work for another species.  

The options available for treating suffering pets are limited and often come with unwanted side effects, so many pet owners are looking for holistic alternatives like medical cannabis. Research and anecdotal evidence suggest cannabinoids like THC and CBD can be helpful for ailing humans, but THC can actually be dangerous for pets. In dogs, the wrong dosage of THC can cause static ataxia which causes them to lose basic motor functions. While humans have never overdosed on marijuana, overconsumption of the plant for animals can be fatal. 

Current medical marijuana companies focused on providing symptom relief for pets isolate CBD or create synthetic cannabinoids. The medical marijuana industry is still budding across the nation, and when it comes to medical marijuana for pets, there is ample room for growth and development. Marijuana Investor News says, "If an animal's pain can be eased and quality of life improved with a prescription of cannabinoids, it is well worth it to invest in the research and development of these druges to see what combinations, strains, and levels of certain cannabinoids are compatible with our furry friends."

Cannabinoids have the potential to help treat sick animals, but until they are investigated further they need to be handled with the utmost care. Read more about the pet and cannabis dilemma on Marijuana Investor News