What to Do if You Get Too High

Medical marijuana is gaining popularity as a therapeutic option for a variety of symptoms and ailments, but some people who could benefit from its use are afraid to try it for fear of experiencing the infamous psychoactive effects associated with cannabis and the cannabinoid THC. We think understanding medical marijuana as a medicine and knowing each aspect of its use is important for dosing properly, and it is partly for this reason that we have developed our medical marijuana dosing app. By altering vehicles, strain composition, dosing amount, and frequency of use, a patient can reach his or her optimal dose and experience therapeutic benefits without any unwanted side effects.

That being said, everyone reacts to a medication differently, and sometimes side effects are inevitable throughout the process of discovering the appropriate medication and dose. There is a reason people fear getting too high; getting too high can cause paranoia, confusion, loss of coordination, and even dread. Getting too high results from improper dosing, and misunderstanding the potency of a particular strain or method of ingestion. This is common among people who underestimate the effects of concentrates or edibles. If this happens to someone using medical marijuana, Whaxy discusses what you can do if you get "too high." 

Whaxy's Tip #1: Understand the potential side effects of cannabis. Having this knowledge on hand allows you to stay calm, which can help prevent a panic attack and allow you to wait out the anxiety, as opposed to escalate it.

Whaxy Tip #2: Chew on two or three pieces of black pepper. The method is surprisingly effective in reducing paranoia because black pepper contains two terpenes (myrcene and beta-caryophyllene) that act as sedatives and buffer the effects of THC. 

Whaxy Tip #3: Drink fresh lemon juice or lemonade. Lemons also contain terpenes (like limonene) that help counteract the effects of THC. The highest concentration of limonene is found in the rind of the fruit, so when extra help for reducing the high is needed, throw in a few slices of lemon with the rind on. 

Whaxy Tips #4-7: A few less effective remedies that should be kept in consideration include hydrating with water, eating, walking, and listening to soothing music. 

Lastly, Whaxy reminds you that if you "start slow, go slow," you will reduce the risk of getting too high in the first place. Read more about the "too high" remedies here.