CannaBest Medical was started in 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana by Ellen and Andrew Greenspan. In the wake of increasing use and acceptance of cannabinoid therapy for treating a variety of symptoms, we realized that each patient had to struggle through a trial-and-error process to determine how to get the most from their medicine. While advice existed for cannabis users, there was no reliable way to aggregate and measure how effective different approaches to treatment were. The CannaBest Medical App solves this problem. By collecting and measuring responses from actual users, we are able to deliver the first data-driven approach to guiding patients. We also hope that the information gained from patient feedback will increase the world's understanding about the benefits of medical cannabis. And by having a physician with over twenty five years of experience on board, users can be sure that CannaBest Medical is serious about ensuring their health and safety.


Ellen Greenspan, President

Ellen Greenspan is president of both CannaBest Medical and Indianapolis Machinery Company. In addition to her corporate roles, Ellen is a committed philanthropist and has served in leadership roles for numerous organizations including Children First and Dance Kaleidoscope. Through her charitable foundation she supports local organizations dedicated to the arts, animal welfare, and women's issues.


Andrew Greenspan, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Andrew Greenspan is a physician with 25 years of experience practicing oncology, and over 10 years of experience in medical practice management. Dr. Greenspan has first hand experience in using cannabinoid compounds to treat patients for pain, nausea, and chemo-induced weight loss.  He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Medical Oncology.